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If you said yes to all the above, attach your resume, cover letter, and three reasons why you believe you would be a fit for our clinic! 

Do you want to be able to pay your student loans without cutting back on your expenses? 

Do you want to make a living like a business owner without the hassle of owning your own business? 

Do you want more 1-1 time with your patients to treat in an ethical manner without the use of techs or aids? 

Do you love fitness and want to work with clients who do too? 

Do you want to be a specialist in MSK/Orthopedics and be seen as a leader in the community you work in?


Come Work With Us

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Learn more about us!

We have a niche model practice that focuses on "fitness oriented" people. What does that mean? Gym rats, people who love to work out, etc. We see professional cross-fitters, bodybuilders, and your everyday gym goer who just wants to excell in the gym. We are looking for therapists that understand the culture, who "walk the walk, and can talk the talk." Which means you are a fitness lover too and can connect with those clients! We are looking for PTS who want to become experts in manual therapy, dry needling and diagnostics. We have an extensive weekly on boarding process and weekly mentoring sessions to enhance skills learned in clinic and courses! 

- Unlimited con-ed budget 

- Opportunity for OCS and fellowships

- Equity based payment model, base salary and revenue share monthly. 

- Free membership to CrossFit gym next door and use of our PT gym. 

Sports Injury

What makes KSSPT Unique?


- Advanced training in manual therapy, movement science and strength and conditioning 

- Low volume treatment (Maximum amount of daily patients is 10 ) 

- Generous continuing education

- Mentoring program clinically and opportunity for international program

- Salary plus equity payment model ( Get paid like a real doctor! ) 

- Clear growth pathway for clinical and financial success 

- 100% cash based! 

- Easy to use documentation system and dictation features 

- Low paperwork requirement 

- Flexible work schedule 

- Movement software for injury and performance screens 

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