Don't let your pain limit your progress any longer.
We are the therapists who remove pain in your daily life and the gym. 

Kinetic PT is where specialized physical therapy and fitness collide to take you from 
pain to maximum performance! 


Our Speciality & Commitment


- Back & Spine
- Hip & Joints
- Shoulders & Neck
- Chronic Issues


On average, our dry- needling modalities relieve pain 50% faster then other options


Our goal is to reduce the number of visits, and your out-of-pocket costs


Kinetic Sports & Spine Physical Therapy


We are a privately owned physical therapy practice with a strong customer focus, intent on changing how physical therapy is delivered to our community. 

How We Do This 

We precisely diagnose your injury, relieve your pain, and get your body moving again. We create a clear pathway for recovery while eliminating underlying contributing factors and create a structured rehabilitation program for you to excel in your performance!

We give you time! Time to tell your story, time to understand your goals, time to figure out your injury. Unlike other clinics, we spend 45 minutes to 1 hour each session to understand and treat your problem, no double booking, no multiple patients at a time, just you and your physical therapist in a private room, solving your problems. ​


We work for you, not your insurance company. We are a Fee-for-Service business and are out of network with any insurance carrier that will not pay for our exceptional care. You deserve better than the standard 10 - 20 minutes with your physical therapist and having to come to physical therapy 2 -3  times a week just to get a half an hour or so of care. Our average length of treatment for an episode of care is 6.6 visits where the national average is 13.5 visits. That's exceptional care!

Dry Needling

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