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Dr. Jessica Swinscoe



Why did I become a physical therapist?

My father is also a physical therapist so I grew up fascinated with movement and the human body. When we had days off school, my dad would teach me all the major bones of the body, when a person would run past us in the car, he’d ask me what I thought of their stride. I grew up analyzing movement patterns for fun and now I get to do that every day as my passion. Of course, as an active child I had my fair share of injuries and physical therapy treatments. From dislocated shoulders to sprained ankles, and many injuries in between, physical therapy was what allowed me to get back to doing the things I loved and


I wanted to be able to help other people return to doing what they love after an injury.

I studied Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Spanish at the University of Arizona and received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in San Diego, CA.  I believe that nutrition is a key element in health and recovery so I enjoy incorporating that into my physical therapy practice.  I am also passionate about functional movement with certifications focused on assessing and screening for asymmetries, muscular imbalances and sufficient motor control to help prevent future injury and to safely allow return to sport or work. 

Over 85% of women will be pregnant at some point in their lives, which means a large majority of patients fit into this statistic. I feel there are limited resources and guidance for women exercising before, during and after pregnancy so I received further knowledge on training the Pre and Post Partum client with some goals of helping reduce pregnancy-related back pain, maintain fitness during and after pregnancy and helping the incontinent female athletes become confident in the gym again.  

I hope this bio will help you understand that I am passionate about helping you move better, feel better and get you back to doing what you love. 


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