About Us

Our Practice

We are a small, privately owned physical therapy practice with a customer-centric focus. Our number one goal is to give you a focused, purposeful experience that will help you recover to a better state then you thought possible.

How do we do this?

We have a model of care that focuses on you! You will be evaluated and treated by the clinician of your choice, who you choose when you book your first session with us. We do not book multiple patients at a time, all care is either 45 minute or 1-hour sessions, chosen by you when you schedule. We don’t switch you between physical therapist, you choose your physical therapist and stay with them from start to finish. We call this one-to-one care; one patient, one 
physical therapist all the time. We have private treatment rooms where all care is delivered to and if needed, a well-equipped gym for exercise. It’s all about you and your comfort.

Lastly, we are a hybrid physical therapy practice.

What does hybrid mean?

We are a combination of In-Network, Out-of-Network, and Fee-for-Service. What this means is we are In-Network with Medicare, Tricare, and Oscar so we will bill your care and accept payment directly from those carriers. We are Out-of-Network with all commercial payers (Blue Cross/Shield, Cigna, Aetna, UHC, Humana) which mean we do not have contracts with these payers. We can bill for physical therapy services at an out-of-network rate if your insurance allows for coverage.


You can call before your appointment or we can call after your first visit to determine your coverage and if your insurance will help pay for our services. Fee-for-Service means we will take payment at time of service if you are not Medicare, Tricare, Oscar or have out-of-network benefits. This will be at the “cash rate” and we can accept health savings cards, credit cards, debit cards, cash or check. This is a non-traditional model in physical therapy but it is the best means to deliver excellent care to you in a one-to-one fashion.

We understand this Hybrid model may not work for everyone, but if you are looking for quality over quantity, empathy over complacency, and the best results in the shortest time, then come give Kinetic Sports and Spine Physical Therapy a try!